There are different imaginative treatments.

In commune they share the language of images rather than words. It's a way to deal with former experiences. We get them handled, transformed and adapted in a positive, life supporting manner.

Thereby one of the most well known methode is the work with the inner child.


Another kind of imagination works with provided images in combination with a given text, similar to the autogenous training, but the focus lies not primary on the relaxation of the body, but on the one of the soul. The participant is thereby takes active influence on the construction and development of the given images.


The value imagination method has been developed by Uwe Böschemeyer and is a technique that leads through a influenced relaxation to a state similar the one shortly before takeoff into the world of dreams.

In the statement of relaxation we get more accessible for feelings from the subconscious. But unlike in hypnosis the participant is at any moment in grade to influence and decide and interact. It's a very helpful way to heal partly unreached and unsolved life-questions. It's although a helpful way to strengthen the self.




The different imagination techniques can also be adapted in group sessions. The group is a very helpful target to elaborate the evidence of uniqueness of the own experience.